SCYBER Training Courses, Fort Worth

SCYBER – Cybersecurity Certification Program

Develop Internal Cybersecurity Talent to Keep Your Organization Protected

Sadly, it's no longer a question of if, but when malicious cyber activity will occur at your organization.

The Securing Cisco Networks with Threat Detection Analysis (SCYBER) course approaches network Security from an 'inside the network' viewpoint, teaching your IT employees how to guard your infrastructure by monitoring, analyzing, and responding to security threats within the network.

Although a Cisco course, SCYBER teaches industry best standards for any network (including HP, Juniper and more) and uses third party agnostic tools (i.e. Lancope, Splunk and Ossim), allowing you to keep your current infrastructure and train your existing IT employees with no additional investment.


Securing Cisco Networks with Training at New Horizons Fort Worth
  • SCYBER training allows you to develop your own internal cybersecurity talent quickly and cost-effectively
  • Unlike other cybersecurity training with an 'outside in' viewpoint, SCYBER puts the focus on 'Guarding the Castle', which prepares professionals to act quickly and ensure that when a system is breached, the damage to your business and your customers is minimized
  • While other courses are based in theory, SCYBER is 60% lab based, which provides your IT professionals with real world experience in responding to cyber attacks
  • SCYBER is a system agnostic course, which means that students will be prepared to effectively respond to cyber-attacks across multiple platforms without additional investment on your end

Learn best practices on how to guard your castle.

SCYBER Cyberhacking Protection Guide, New Horizons Fort Worth


Days of Training: 5

Prerequisites:There are technically NO prerequisites for this course, however, CCNA is recommended.

Who should attend: This course is designed for minimum 2-year professionals with a basic understanding of Transmission Control and Internet Protocol.

Certification: This course prepares students to take the Cybersecurity Specialist Certification Exam.

Learn how to:

  • Monitor security events
  • Configure and tune security event detection and alarming
  • Packet capture decoding/analysis
  • Analyze traffic for security threats
  • Respond appropriately to security incidents

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